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    What Can I Use An O3 Card For?

    Health Care finance
    • Pay your hospital bills
    • Buy your medicine
    • Pay your insurance costs
    Education finance
    • Pay your school fees
    • Buy your school uniform
    • Buy your school books
    Travel finance
    • Spend in all states
    • Buy your airline tickets
    • Pay your hotel bills
    Housing finance
    • Pay your house rent
    • Pay your estate dues
    • Pay facility bills
    Entertain finance
    • Pay for DSTV
    • Go to the movies
    • Go out for dinner
    Healthy Lifestyle finance
    • Go to the gym
    • Pay all your bills
    • Enjoy your life

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    Innocent - MTN
    The O3 school fees loan came to my
    rescue during the last school
    resumption period. O3 paid the
    school on my behalf while I paid
    them back monthly. This is
    actually more convient for me.
    Olawale - Etisalat
    I love discounts, so I always use my
    O3 Cards to make purchases at
    World Oil Petrol station, Lekki
    John M. - 9 MOBILE
    I was skeptical at first, but the
    card has grown on me, and
    I can't go anywhere without it
    Adaeze I - MTN
    I wanted to get a loan and my
    colleague introduced me to them,
    I never have to fill out any forms
    to have access to funds.
    Peter O - Philp Consulting
    The card has helped me to manage
    my expenses, I spend on my credit
    card, save and I never run
    out of cash

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    Fixed Income

    Make your money work for you by investing in the O3 Fixed Income Investment Product.


    Low Interest
    and Repayment

    Our interest and repayment are low, use the calculator to estimate just how low your monthly interest and repayment can be.


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