As one of the fastest growing non-bank credit card issuer in the Nigerian Fintech space, O3 Capital in its over 7 years of operation has consistently shown its commitment to providing end to end customer experiences; and these include providing security and data protection for customers.

    This commitment is what has led the organization to be awarded the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 3.2.1 certification (PCIDSS). This was awarded by Sync InfoSec LLC, Roanoke Texas, United States (U.S.), a quality security assessor, on behalf of the PCI Standards Security Council in partnership with Digital Encode Ltd, its Nigerian partner.

    Dr Obadare Adewale, the Chief Visionary Officer, Digital Encode Ltd. presented the certificate to the Chief Operating Officer of O3 Capital, Mr Taye Falana. Dr Obadare affirmed that the award is a testament to O3 Capital's commitment, while explaining that the certification is an important endorsement for any organization whose business operation involves the storage, processing and transmission of card data.

    He stated that the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) is a set of compliance requirements put together to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit cardholder information and data maintain a secure environment. This set of requirements is globally laid down for compliance purposes. He also added that PCI compliance is an important asset that assures customers that doing business with an organization is safe and secure.

    Receiving the certification, Taye Falana, Chief Operating Officer, O3 Capital reaffirmed the company's commitment to providing a secure environment that ensures that a cardholder's data is protected throughout the process of storage and processing.

    He also asserted that it has been a painstaking journey, as 12 strict compliance standards have to be attained in order to acquire the PCI DSS certification. He stated further that after seven (7) years of operations, the organization has a great understanding of consumer behaviour and provides cash just at the time of need for all cardholders.

    Conclusively, O3 Capital provides physical and virtual credit and prepaid cards to individuals and business owners, with limits up to 5 million naira.

    O3 Cards can be used at all POS, ATMs and E-Commerce sites in Nigeria, while the O3 Cards mobile app (on Android or iOS) provides free and seamless transaction functionalities for all users. By creating a credit card culture that offers total freedom and bankless financial services, O3 Capital is ensuring that Nigerians can live their best lives.

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