• Credit Cards can be ideal if you need to a little extra money to tide you over every now and then.
      Credit cards are for short term borrowing and they cost you less than loan if you pay them back quickly.
      You can pay down on your credit card any time you want. And interest will stop immediately.
      You use your card again anytime you want. You are in charge.
      100% of people that download our app get a free card instantly.
      0% interest rate on the prepaid card and 0 charges.
      You can do any bank activity on your card through the O3 App.

      No security deposit or collateral required
      O3 Cards gives you access to credit without having to make any equity contribution or pledge any property as collateral.

      Revolving and continous line of credit
      With O3 Credit Cards, your credit line is constantly available 24/7. Just pay your outstanding balance and your full balance is available for use again without requiring any new approval.

      No Bank Restrictions
      You can operate any Bank Account in Nigeria and still have access to an O3 Credit Card.

      Access to Discounts and great deals
      We are in partnership with various merchants all over Nigeria where you can get great discounts and fantastic deals.

      Reward Scheme
      Points and cash back rewards are available for purchases made with O3 cards at selected outlets.

      0.13% is the interest rate shared on your card daily. Lowest in market.

      ₦100,000 is the minimum limit on an O3 credit card.

      ₦5,000,000 is the maximum limit on an O3 credit card.

      10% of what you spend is all you need to pay back. You don't have to pay everything.

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