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    Q1: What is the difference between a credit card and a loan? +
    • -- Interest on the loan starts counting the day you get it, you can get a credit card today and not get charged interest until the day you start spending
    • -- Interest on loan is charged flat for 30 days while interest on the card is charged on the amount and only for the days the funds is outstanding so you can spend payback interest at the end of the month is much smaller
    • -- Most loans are charged at 4% flat or more a month while o3 credit card is charged at 0.13% per day only on what you have spent.
    • -- Loans are usually for 3,6 or 9 months while the credit card is for 2 years.
    • -- When you finish paying your loan you have to reapply for a new loan when you need funds, but with the credit card you are in charge, you can pay back and have access to the funds as you want
    • -- No deposits ,no account, no collateral, you need to have an acct with the bank who is issuing the loan or have a salary acct domiciled at the bank, but with the credit card you can have an account anywhere, o3 gives you freedom
    • -- You need to pay a large sum every month on a loan, but with the o3 credit card you only need to spend 10% of your monthly balance and can roll over the following month
    • -- You get rewards and cash backs as you spend your o3 credit card
    • -- A loan is for specific needs but the credit card is ever ready to help you out of any situations 365,24/7 but the credit card is always there.
    Q2: Who can get an o3 card? +
    • -- Prepaid card anybody
    • -- Credit card- above 21 years if you live and work in Nigeria
    Q3: If I apply online, how do I get my documents across? +
    • -- Upload the documents via the mobile app or on the website.
    Q4: I have submitted my application, how do I know it was successful? +
    • -- You will get an email or a call from the call centre within 24 hours letting you know if the application is successful.
    Q5: How do I activate my card? +
    • -- When you receive your PIN, call our CARE center number at the back of your card for activation, then change your PIN to any 4 digits of your choice at the nearest ATM.
    Q6: Where can I use the o3 credit card? +
    • -- Hospitals, hotels, schools, supermarkets, restaurants across all ATM'S,POS.
    Q7: What is a credit limit? +
    • -- A 'Credit limit' is the maximum amount you can spend or borrow using your Credit Card. This limit is determined by various personal details like your income, source of income, regularity of income, repayment history pattern, etc.
    Q8: What determines your credit limit? +
    • -- Depends on your salary you can get up to 300% of your net monthly income
    Q9: What if I am a business owner man/woman can I get a credit card? +
    • -- Yes, you can get a business credit card and the activities on your acct will be used to determine you limit.
    Q10: What is a credit limit? +
    • -- A credit limit is the maximum amount you have available on the card
    Q11: Can I get a card for my wife and kids? +
    • -- Yes you can
    Q12: I have money and I don't want the credit card? +
    • -- You can fix your income and get a high yield on your investments
    Q13: How do I increase my credit limit? +
    • -- Send an email to care@o3cards.com
    Q14: What is the website? +
    • -- www.o3cards.com
    Q15: What are the repayment options available for me? +
    • -- You can transfer to your card using the o3 capital app via any bank acct using the o3 capital mobile app
    Q16: What if loose my credit card? +
    • -- You get a replacement card free
    Q17: Who is the regulatory authority? +
    • -- O3 capital is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria
    Q18: How many credit card companies are in Nigeria? +
    • -- O3 capital is the first and only non bank credit card issuing company in Nigeria
    Q19: Is o3 capital a bank? +
    • -- O3 capital is a digital bank
    Q20: Can I use my o3 credit card outside Nigeria? +
    • -- No, the o3 Credit card works everywhere in Nigeria but it will available outside the country soon
    Q21: What are the types of o3 Credit cards? +
    • -- Classic cards - N500,000
    • -- Platinum cards - N1,000,000
    • -- Prestige cards - N1,500,000
    • -- Black cards - N2,500,000
    Q22: What are the o3 capital colour's?
    • -- Red, black, grey
    Q23: What states can I use my o3 credit card?
    • -- O3 credit cards works across all e commerce sites in Nigeria and can be used anywhere in Nigeria
    Q24: What is the difference between my regular bank card and my o3 credit card?
    • -- When your money gets finished you cant spend again, but the with the o3 credit card you never run out of funds

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