• Credit cards are cheaper than loans. Use our calculator to see an ESTIMATE of your monthly repayment.


    0.13% daily

    You are charged interest only when you use your card. Only for the number of days outstanding and not flat

    Phrases you need to know:

    Monthly spend is how much you spent on your card in a month. When you pay with a pos or withdraw cash from the ATM or a web transaction or a transfer using the O3 App.

    Interest is calculated at 0.13% daily only on what you spend. No spend no interest . So you can use your card only when you need to no worries.

    This is calculated at 10% of what you spend for the month. Don't worry, when you pay it goes back into you card available to spend again when you want.

    This is the only amount you have to pay back each month. If you want you can always pay more to reduce your next interest payment.

    Monthly Spend (₦)

    Number of Days

    Interest Due

    Principal Due (10% of spend)

    Minimum payment for the month


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