• I hereby authorize O3 Cards to deduct from my/our bank account for the Credit Card I chose to apply for, the details of which I have specified above on a monthly basis, the amount reflected as due on my monthly statement. I agree that deductions may be made as and when due on or after the day of the month I specified in my application.

    I warrant that my bank details as reflected in this application are correct and agree that if the details change at any time in future or if it appears that the details were not provided accurately, I will immediately provide O3 cards with the changed or corrected details as the case may be.

    I understand that any payments not made to O3 cards in accordance with this debit order instruction will remain my responsibility. I further understand that O3 cards may levy interest charges on overdue amounts and I will be responsible for such interest and any bank charges levied by my bank relating to this debit order instruction.

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